"Cuties,” the award-winning French film featuring an 11-year-old white girl was released on Netflix and is receiving backlash from viewers for its depiction of children in sexual situations. Here we see the kids twerking. The controversial ‘Cuties’ is worse than you could imagine. Make no mistake: Netflix is at the forefront of sexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia.

Who hurt you? The fourth-wave feminist talking point.

Millions of American men have gone MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or INCEL (Involuntarily Celibate) after discovering that almost all heterosexual white females have been fully indoctrinated into Marxist-feminist ideology. The result is an extremely high degree of promiscuity, which makes them ‘damaged goods’ and thus a disastrous choice as girlfriend or wife.

Scientific studies have shown that females retain some of the DNA from every man who has ever ejaculated into them — into any orifice. This genetic material is passed on to a fetus. That means that if you and your wife have a child, said child may carry the DNA of, or be genetically altered by, the sperm of every man your wife has ever copulated with. It’s possible that your child will be contaminated with serpent seed genetic material and/or material from the negroid, mongoloid or arab.

Every true Christian man should seek out a virgin wife, thereby avoiding some other guy’s leftovers. Unfortunately, even if you are able to find some 18-year-old who hasn’t been completely ruined by modern egalitarian propaganda; she will succumb to it eventually, leaving you [what is often referred to as] divorce raped. You simply cannot compete with world opinion delivered in the form of entertainment by social media. At some point your sheltered ‘good girl’ will fall victim to peer pressure and antichrist messaging and turn against you. Then she will cheat on you, and it will be over.

Be advised, you will lose your house, vehicles, etc. and you will have to send her a check every month for years. Her new bad-boy love interest will likely start spending the night at your former residence the second you leave, enjoying regular access to your children. You’ll be lucky if you get the dog. This experience will be soul-crushing even if you are happy to FINALLY be rid of her. Be advised that very likely she will poison-drip you for years over visitation and assets, assisted by a free feminazi appointed by the “family court”.

As soon as she turns on you, and long before she asks for a divorce, you need to demand paternity tests. You may find that your children are not really yours at all. This will release you from most obligations in most states. And it will allow you to keep most but not all of your property. If you’re brave enough to want to get married, you should have a private investigator do a background check. Make sure he interviews some of her classmates from college and high-school. Most likely he will get an earful in regards to her bohemian lifestyle. And whatever you do, never marry a girl with daddy issues. If she wasn’t raised by a strong father, jettison her immediately. In addition, you should automatically assume that every woman over 25 is damaged goods, unless she is a widow.

The sin which caused the fall of Adamkind was fornication/adultery/miscegenation. And this event is continually re-enacted by virtually every white female on the planet. It’s sad to say, but it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that in these end times you will ever find a genuine Christian woman to marry — one who doesn’t have both feet firmly planted in hell. Being married to an immoral, dissolute, slovenly woman who spent years or decades satiating her undiscerning desire is not going to have a positive effect on your temporal or eternal salvation issues.

Women are hardwired to be nurturers. They are naturally willing to capitulate — to go along to get along. There is simply nothing as important to them as being seen as fashionable. They need constant validation and approval. Being a feminist whore has become completely normalized as well as the most fashionable thing you can possibly be. And bedding down with Tyrone and Mohammad and Kwan is no longer merely acceptable, it is sold as pure nirvana in every movie, television show, and advertisement. Yes, these Israelite women are being picked off like sitting ducks. You can visualize them cartwheeling into the lake of fire.

Naturally, as a heterosexual white male you are driven to find a spouse and raise a family. Nevertheless, most of you younger men don’t seem to understand just what you’re up against. Your rival is not another man, or even a group or organization. Your rival is the streaming internet in all of its vile manifestations: online gaming and gambling, fake news and entertainment, social media, and the most twisted hardcore porn imaginable. It’s a toxic swill of expertly crafted material that is more addictive and mind-destroying than pure heroin.

Your rival is social engineering itself. Satan is a brilliant opponent, dedicated to transforming the abnormal into the new normal, using a systematic approach that works perfectly on ninety-nine percent of the population, with the remaining one percent represented by the very elect, who themselves would be deceived if not for the intercession of God. This is the sales and marketing genius of the Edomite Jew. This is why white girls and women are twerking like African savages in every city of our former nation. This is why white females have mouths like drunken sailors, and spend their free time at “venues” gyrating to nigger rap.

Diversity making us strong

If you think I’m exaggerating, trying conducting a little experiment. Complain to any girl or woman you know about modern female nature and watch her ask you in a snarky tone, “Who hurt you?” This is a programmed response designed to insult and ridicule. They are expressing something along the lines of, “Ha ha, we can do whatever we want now, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Ha ha, you are just a loser who got dumped or cheated on! Ha ha, you are no longer in charge of anything!” They snicker and gloat about white men having been utterly emasculated, apparently preferring the leadership of whatever lesbian Jewess trained them. And try using the word “female” and watch them genuflect. This biologically accurate description has now been designated to be a misogynistic attack by the Talmudic wordsmiths of academia. Bluehairs will accuse you of “dehumanizing them” and “reducing their worth” and trying to “undermine their human rights” by calling them exactly what they are.

Women are clueless riders on Satan’s coat-tails, stripped bare mentally and physically. Do a YouTube keyword search for “try-on haul” and see tens of thousands of white women happily exposing themselves as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Their toddlers bounce around in the background while mommy models the latest thong bikini. Where are their husbands and boyfriends? The answer is, they couldn’t care less what their husbands and boyfriends think, like or want. They don’t take orders from any man. No man tells them what to do. They get all of their direction from kike social engineers. Anything that goes against their conditioning is viewed as “hateful” and “judgemental” and “bigoted” and “sexist” and “misogynist” and “patriarchal” and “racist” and “homophobic” and “antisemitic” and a thousand other utterances that have been implanted into their noggins like a computer chip, ready to send the programmed electrical impulses directly to the brain, which the mouth then spews forth without the need for reflection.

And you think you can compete with THIS? Perhaps there is the slightest of possibilities that you could potentially maintain a reasonable level of control over a woman just long enough to reproduce. You may even be able to reproduce several times. But who will own your kids? It won’t be you. They will be handed over to the kike social engineers at the public school for tolerance training. On Sundays they will attend the Christian Zionist building called “a church” where diversity and inclusion are job one. They will be singing hymms surrounded by mexcrement, twerking little halfricans, and sodomites.

If you decide to proceed, research your state’s marriage and divorce laws. Draft the greatest prenuptial agreement ever devised by man. And have a comprehensive bail-out strategy in place for when you catch her cheating on you. Or, for when she goes full-on Social Justice Warrior. Or, for when she decides she wants an open marriage. Or, for when she decides to join the communist party. Or, for when she gets tattooed and pierced. Or, for when she decides to head to Jamaica with her girlfriends. Or, for when she becomes addicted to drugs, alcohol, gaming or gambling. Or, for when she turns lesbian. I could go on, but you get the point.

These last days, having a wife and kids is a very short-term affair. They are the property of the state — not your property. The beast system will raise and nurture them. The beast system is completely dedicated to making “your” family repulsed by the very sight of you. The white Christian male is public enemy number one. The system hates your guts and wants you cheated-on, divorced and stripped of your assets as soon as possible. The system wants to have sex with your kids before they can even drive. They don’t want no stinkin’ Christian values. So, if you absolutely must reproduce yourself, then you had better have a really good plan for coming out of Mystery Babylon. You had better have a strategy for keeping your family offline and out of public buildings. That means homeschooling. That means no television, smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Otherwise you may as well chuck them into hell yourself and get it over with.

The answer to “Who hurt you?” is ourselves. We chose Satan over Jesus and this is the result. We flushed ourselves down the toilet. There’s no point in blaming the Jew anymore than blaming a monkey for swinging through trees. It’s in the blood. They do the will of their father. And unlike us, they are always loyal. Most of you reading this are disloyal scum. You have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. You keep ordering from Bezos-kike at Amazon. You keeping watching nigger ball. You prop-up Edomites through loan interest payments. You have a flat-screen in every room. You’re most likely a whoremonger wannabe. You pay for Hollywood entertainment. You use Google. You thrive on YouTube. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. WE ARE THE PROBLEM.

Revelation 18:4, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”