Parts 2-4 are embedded below. This series of presentations looks closely at the two Houses of Israel – The House of Israel and the House of Judah. It clearly shows the differences between the two and traces this through into the New Testament Period in the time we are now living.

Israel was an unfaithful wife but are you aware that while the “house of Israel” was divorced by the LORD, the House of Judah was not? We look at the diaspora of the House of Israel and then, much later, the diaspora of the House of Judah.

We look at the term “Jew” from a Biblical standpoint. When did the term “Jew” first appear in the Bible and in what context was it used? Are all people who are descendants Jews? When the Bible refers to the “Jews” does it mean all 12 tribes of Israel? We talk about the two nations, the two captivities and two separate destinies and other interesting things besides.

We look at the brotherhood and the enmity between the Two Houses and the wars that these two nations fought with one another. We talk about the two sisters, the two woman and the term “Israel” as it is used in the Bible, the divorced wife and the married wife. This is very basic and fundamental Biblical teaching information yet, unfortunately, most Christians know nothing about it.

We follow the development of God’s dealings with the Two Houses of Israel into the New Testament era, this present Christian dispensation. Who did Jesus come to seek and to save? Who are the “lost sheep” anyway? Who are the “other sheep”? What is the “one fold” that Jesus spoke of? Who are the “gentiles”?