By John S. Torell |

The false rapture teaching is one of the cruelest jokes Lucifer ever pulled on Christianity. This false doctrine originated with a Jesuit priest named Manuel de Lacunza, a Kabbalistic crypto Jew from Santiago, Chile. Edward Irving in England was convinced Lacunza’s writings were a revelation from God and translated them into English.

John Darby brought this heretical doctrine to America through the Plymouth Brethren. He reached a Presbyterian pastor that was connected to a criminal named Cyrus Scofield, who in turn was able to infiltrate D.L. Moody’s organization, and propagate it to the Moody Bible institutes in Chicago and Los Angeles, and to the Dallas Theological Seminary.

Christians were soon convinced to abandon their positions in county, state, and federal government because “Jesus was returning”. It only took 150 years for the rapture hoax to become mainstream in evangelical, Pentecostal and Baptist Churches. This is why under the authority of the Supreme Leader, the majority of Christians decide to renounce Christ and join the Beast System.