There are two very interesting facts found in both Testaments that are not commonly accepted. Firstly there are the many statements that show that God redeems those who were already His people prior to the redemptive act, for example, Psalm 111:9, He sent redemption unto his people or Luke 1:68, for he hath visited and redeemed his people. The second interesting fact that will be seen in these Scriptures is that what is commonly known as “The Law” as a covenant was given to Israel as a race and it states that it was not given to any other race or people. These two Biblical facts run counter to popular teachings today that have almost universal acceptance.

What is really being taught today is that all races are the same with respect to the broken Law. We do not find this being witnessed in the Old Testament Law and the Prophets. In the New Testament, we still find reference to the Twelve Tribes of Israel; they have in no way disappeared. In this study, it is recommended that you forget what you currently know about the words, Gentile, Jews, and The Church and have another look. We will start by quoting Scriptures making comment upon them.

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