The sermon “Satan’s World” begins at the 15:08-minute mark of this audio recording.

In this unusual Bible lesson, Pastor Hoeh discusses the horrifically negative effects that Satan’s dominion has had on the natural world around us. Everything that exists has been corrupted by the Devil and his one-third of the angels. Even God’s elect can’t comprehend just how radically different this world will look and feel and be when death has been defeated and Jesus rules and reigns among us.

Here’s how the lesson begins: I would like to ask the question today, how long has the Devil been in rebellion? Or, to put to another way, how long has God been tolerating the Devil? Now I’m sure you may have wondered on occasion but never focused-in on the number of verses that give us an understanding both of what the Devil has been doing with the time perspective, but also what God permits and allows before he takes some kinds of action. Let us turn first to a verse in Jude. Verse 6 says the angels that kept not their first estate but left their own habitation he has reserved in chains under darkness to a judgement of the great day; even as Sodom and Gomorrah. We’ll just take one quick look at verse 6: angels that kept not their first estate. We use the term “keep” in the sense of preserving. You keep your money — you preserve it in a bank. Adam was told to dress and to keep the garden. That is to maintain it. So the implication is that the angels didn’t keep, preserve, protect their first estate. But they left the habitation. Then they abandoned it. Jude is pointing out two things: first they didn’t keep what they got as their first estate. Second they left that habitation and now reap the consequences. It says their ‘first estate’ which implies they were going to have another. The earth was the beginning of the story and they didn’t keep the earth as their first estate; to which others would have been added; and they finally abandoned it. We are going to see how this is expounded in a number of other passages in Scripture.