Video image: At left is a beautiful young lady destroyed by Satanic mind control. Evil spirits pushed her to undergo “gender reassignment” surgery whereby Kenite butchers removed her breasts. See additional photos below.

The Devil knows that if he can traumatize your soul, he can influence what you can do on this earth with your physical body. The physical body is a just a vehicle on earth; it is the soul with its spiritual body and mind that is the “real you” and is referred to in the Bible as “the mind,” “the heart” and the “natural man.” Satanic mind control seeks to fragment the soul section of your mind and prevent you from discerning what is right and wrong. This is why many Christians are not living the abundant life promised by Jesus because they lack knowledge about the way Satan attacks humanity. The negative memories from these satanic traumas will shape and hinder you from exercising faith in God and desiring hope that things can improve. Job was viciously attacked but it was his unshakable faith in Jesus as his future redeemer that saved him from destruction. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Anyone can be healed by the power of Jesus. That is why the Bible says He was manifested to destroy the works of the Devil. The same resurrection power that surged through Jesus and brought Him to life following the crucifixion is available today. The first step involves being born again and being delivered from the power of darkness.