When the Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity, they brought Babylon with them. Judaism has suffered for it since bringing this satanic mess and adopting it. The tradition of the elders was what the commentary of the Rabbis was called in the days of Jesus. This Jewish commentary was called the Babylonian Talmud (Learning) so basically the book is translated as Babylonian learning.

Jesus who is Christ, condemned this over and over. This is not what Moses gave the Jews in the Bible. The Jews or Judah carried this from Babylon to our modern day. The book of Zohar was the basis for the Kabbalah and it means literally “tradition” (It is also transliterated as Cabala, Qabbala) and it is a book of spells, magic and satanism. The 6 pointed star is the highest symbol of satanism. Chabad is the main branch of this group. Look it up and see for yourself what it is, as I did.