Mystery Babylon Religion. The antichrist beast. Man of sin. Son of perdition. God was angry with Jerusalem and Judah (Jews) and had them taken as slaves into Babylon as punishment. Many were killed as divine retribution by an angry God. Jerusalem was burned and many killed and captured. The seventy (70) year Babylonian captivity was foretold by the prophets. This is a study on WHY the Lord allowed Judah to be punished = SIN.


Several Old Testament prophets referred to Jerusalem as being a spiritual harlot and a mother of harlotry (Book of Isaiah 1:21; Book of Jeremiah 2:20; Jeremiah 3:1–11; Book of Ezekiel 16:1–43; Ezekiel 23, Epistle to the Galatians 4:25). Some of these Old Testament prophecies, as well as the warnings in the New Testament concerning Jerusalem, match the text concerning Babylon in Revelation.

In Matthew 23:34–37 and Luke 11:47–51, Jesus assigned all of the blood guilt for the killing of the prophets and of the saints (of all time) to the scribes and Pharisees of Jerusalem. In Revelation 17:6 and 18:20,24, almost identical phrasing is used in charging that very same blood guilt to Mystery Babylon. This is also bolstered by Jesus’ statement that “it’s not possible for a prophet to be killed outside of Jerusalem.” (Luke 13:33).