by Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet, B.A., J.D. |

Tonight I want to talk to you about something that is becoming important in the days’ news gradually as the things are building up to the climax and what God called His vengeance upon Edom. Now, you remember that Esau and Jacob were twins. They started therefore with exactly the same heredity. And in fact, Esau, as the first born, would have been entitled to the birthright. It meant that he got a double share of whatever property could be inherited from his father. But it also meant that he became in his term the family patriarch with all the authority that went with that. And yet, he threw it away.

Now, you read of course in the Bible how he was out hunting and came in tired and Jacob had cooked-up a lentil stew. And Esau asked for a bowl of it and Jacob said, well, sell me your birthright for it. And Esau said oh well what good does that birthright do to me, sure, I’m starving, I’ll sell you my birthright for a bowl of stew. Now, that was not when he parted with his birthright. That was nothing more than a formal ceremony of acknowledgement of the fact that he had lost it before. Now, you remember that all the way down the line God had been careful to keep the race-line pure. And Esau violated that. Before this formal sale of his birthright he had married two Hittite wives.

Now, from the beginning God made it very clear that the race-line had to be kept pure. If the various pre-Adamite so-called races had been capable of doing the job that God wanted done He would not have gone to the trouble of creating Adam. You remember that when it came time to provide Adam with a wife. In the Hebrew is says that God wanted him to have a helpmate as his counterpart. His equal in every respect.