(Warning: This essay contains adult themes and some crude language appropriate to the subject matter.)

Hi, guys. This article deals with the harsh reality of dating or marrying in a fallen world — a world tailormade to exterminate the traditional Christian family. In these End Times you have three choices. You can be the boyfriend or husband who gets cheated on; you can be the guy a girl cheats on her boyfriend or husband with; or you can be both. Unfortunately, there is ALMOST NEVER a fourth choice.

Understand that if you decide to enter into a relationship with an attractive female you WILL MOST LIKELY BE sharing her with other guys. There is no such thing as an exclusive, monogamous relationship anymore. When you first meet this girl, you’ll probably be guy B — the new and exciting guy being phased in; while some hapless schmuck will be guy A — the old and boring guy being phased out. However, very soon YOU will be guy A. And very likely there will be a guy C and D involved.

You will be dealing with the ex boyfriend she hooks up with once or twice a year for reunion sex. You will be dealing with her periodic flings with various hot guys from work. You will be dealing with her once or twice-a-year trips to Vegas, to “do some sightseeing” with her girlfriends. If you complain, she’ll accuse you of being clingy and controlling, and you’ll get dumped. She wants to have her fun, and she’s not going to let you ruin it for her.

If you enter into a relationship with an attractive white girl, your time is very short. She does not belong to you. She is not your property. You are only getting a turn with her. She is like a ride at the amusement park. When your ride is over, you will need to get off and move on. If you fully understand this going in, you will suffer much less psychological trauma upon discovering that your imagined beloved is “dating” numerous other guys behind your back.

That may seem harsh. And it is more complicated than that. Most young girls have been subjected to a tsunami of media and peer-pressure indoctrination that completely eliminates all of the natural boundaries of human decency and behavior. She has been desensitized, and encouraged to have sex whenever and wherever she feels like it, with whomever she feels like having it, just like a wild animal. There is simply nothing that you or her parents or anyone else can do to compete with this mass media programming. If she gets pregnant, she’ll head for the abortion mill. If she gets a disease, she’ll go on a series of antibiotics. In no time flat, she’ll be back to managing a “dating” rotation.

When you look at the modern, attractive white female, you have to ask yourself how many abortions and diseases she’s had. You need to ask yourself how many guys have been there before you. It could be dozens. It could be hundreds. They could be of all races and ethnic groups and religions. The Bible clearly defines “fornication” as miscegenation, or having relations with a non-Israelite. That’s race-mixing; because all covenant people are WHITE. You’ve been warned. Fornication, according to the Bible, is race-mixing! Covenant people must come out of Mystery Babylon. Otherwise your name could be blotted out of the book of life.

Our Anglo-Israel women have turned their backs on Yahweh God the Father. They follow the way of the world. Sure, somewhere out there we have a remnant that have not kissed the feet of Baal, but all others carry on just as before The Flood, unaware as to what awaits them. They are caught up in a world they are supposed to be separated from. But of course, they don’t know any of this because it’s not on Facebook or Twitter, or on their giant flatscreen.

Be advised, the denominational churches are NO PLACE to find a future wife. Put it out of your mind. Those 501C3 government-sanctioned businesses are like bordellos. They are meat markets for luke-warm, universalist equalitarians whom Christ will spew out. He will remove their candlesticks. You would have a better chance — perhaps one in a thousand — of finding a good girl at the supermarket.

All of these aggressive, empowered, strong, feminist women operate in the exact same way. They will never dump a boyfriend until they have another locked in. That means that the old guy and the new guy will overlap. If the old guy is having relations with her, it’s likely that she is having relations with the new guy also.

Once the old guy has been clean-breaked or friend-zoned, don’t imagine for a second that she will be pining away for him or even thinking about him at all. She has moved on and is already bedding down with the exciting Mr. New Guy. Remember that no girl who is swinging through the forest canopy lets go of one vine until she has a firm grasp on another. You can see this coming a mile away if you expect it and watch for the signs. She will become belligerent and verbally abusive practically overnight. That’s when you’ll know she’s looking to upgrade and your time is short. Chances are she has already met someone else and no longer feels any need to be nice or polite to you. You would be smart to engage in some relationship combat and dump her flat right there. Going forward, you should always have two or three casual girlfriends in anticipation of being replaced regularly. Maybe you’ll get super lucky and find a unicorn.

Females NEVER stop looking to upgrade. They have a ‘grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ mentality seared into their brains. As soon as she encounters someone she perceives as being of higher value, you will be on your way out. Damaged goods females have ZERO loyalty. In fact, the very concept of loyalty is a male personality trait completely absent in the female. They are driven by emotions combined with an overwhelming feeling of entitlement put there by feminist propaganda mostly delivered through social media — they feel entitled to all the world has to offer. If they get anything less than everything, they feel gypped. In their minds you exist solely for whatever utilitarian value you can provide — what YOU can do to improve the quality of THEIR lives. They are not givers; they are strictly takers. As soon as you become anything less than entertaining, they will find their kicks elsewhere. This of course doesn’t apply to all females — just the vast vast majority.

There is a tiny chance that you could meet someone in the outer reaches of the least populated areas of our country who has not yet fallen victim to Mystery Babylon indoctrination. However, be forewarned, these ‘traditional value’ girls are like ice cream. It melts fast, and then you are left with worthless slop. Do you want to spend the rest of your life trying to keep your ice cream frozen? That will be a losing battle, and it will leave you broke and homeless. Countless numbers of husbands have had their wives beguiled-away from them by whoremongers in the schools, in the workplaces, and online. It’s only a matter of time. You can’t keep her away from the draw of the world forever.

No matter how attractive you may seem in the beginning, the modern jaded feminazi will soon become disenchanted with your lack of perfection and move on. And if you’re actually married to her, don’t expect that to count for anything. They crave variety and excitement, always seeking the bad-boy alpha male who can get their engine running. Watch out for the sneaky female who maintains a reliable, stable, money-earning boyfriend or husband while cheating on him with Chad, Tyrone, Mohammad, Pedro and Kwan, whenever the opportunity arises. Both types serve a different function in her life, and together, according to her way of thinking, result in the ideal lifestyle. The alphas get the sex, and the beta-male provider gets to shovel her snow, get her car inspected, chauffeur her to gynecologist appointments, carry her bags at the shopping mall, and perform other such chores. No one should want to be that chump.

If a girl isn’t sexually active with a ‘good guy’ boyfriend or husband, that almost always means she’s getting her great and exciting sex from someone else. And that makes the nice Christian guy a SUCKER. As a Christian, perhaps you imagine that you can have a Disney-like experience whereby you enjoy innocent traditional dates while you both stay virginal until your wedding night; then live happily ever after. That is a pipe-dream, guys. It is HIGHLY unlikely that you can find such a unicorn. But if you believe in unicorns, well good luck! If you are in a relationship consisting of innocent nineteen-fifties-style dates, be very suspicious and conduct a comprehensive background check. Talk to her siblings and peers. Find out how many men she’s “dated”. Trust me, the result will be like a hard slap to the face. Don’t bury your head in the sand! These ‘damaged goods’ females have ZERO respect for nice guys and ZERO romantic feelings towards them. It’s the dangerous, mysterious bad-boy who gets them hot.

Sexually transmitted diseases are running rampant in our society. This goes unreported by the Kenites as it would discourage the nation-wrecking behaviors they’ve worked so hard to promote. The same goes for abortion statistics. And suicide rates. And life-saving information having to do with non-whites killing or maiming their white girlfriends, which is extremely common. The HIV rate among young black females is nearly forty percent. The average negro is sexually active at age nine, which in the ghetto is the new sixteen (see embedded video at left). White females are bombarded with movie and television images of white woman swooning over black heroes who are held up as the ultimate sexual experience available on the planet.

As mentioned above, if you’re thinking about bedding some attractive white female, best to assume that Tyrone has been busy with her. Do you really want to come into contact with its genetic material? The smartest first question you could ask a white female is, “Would you marry a nigger?” Most likely she will answer as programmed by the new world order: “Yes, if I was in love with him, and you’re a racist!” Surely a sign of the end times. Just fifty years ago interracial relationships were both illegal and unthinkable. Any man or woman caught with a nigger would be ruined. Now they are praised for helping in the fight against the “white supremacist” patriarchy. They get two thumbs-up by the opinion-making priests of Baal.

Christian guys, we are definitely in the final days of this earth age. We live in a world full of brainwashed and ‘damaged goods’ white women who imagine their behavior to be not just normal, but super fashionable. No one tells them what to do. No man orders them around. They are independent operators in charge of their own bodies. They will do as they please and they have the entire judicial and law enforcement establishments to back them up. They are automatically believed and automatically assumed to be in the right. They automatically get the house and car and kids. They are running with the Devil. They are out of control. Never proceed without an excellent prenuptial agreement. And be prepared to bail out when things go bad.